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ProForge is game devs, creating assets for other game devs. We make assets you'll actually use!

ProForge is just beginning, but we have big plans! Many new asset packs will be showing up soon, and we’ll have early-purchase specials, so be sure keep up-to-date by following us on Twitter or Facebook. Meanwhile, check out our very first asset packs below!

Need some sexy crates to stock the cargo hold of your space barge? Need some conveniently placed drums of high explosives to give AI opponents a hard time? Here’s a set of high quality container models to fill out your levels or use in gameplay.

Included is a cool cube mapped faux-reflective shader which allows colors to be changed using masks built right into the diffuse maps. Texture source files are also included for your convenience.

Sci Fi Container Pack

Purchase on the Unity Asset Store

Stop searching for that “perfect gun pack” to match your game- it doesn’t exist! Honestly, trust us on this- painful experience, many times over.

These ProtoWeapons will jive with just about any style, and you can happily chuck ’em later when you are ready to build those awesome, custom weapons for your game.

Get in, get game-making!

Coming soon to the Unity Asset Store!

Questions? We will be adding more info soon- meanwhile, feel free to contact us directly via “”, or via the Facebook or Twitter links below.

Happy developing!